Today while laying down on the floor, enjoying morning sunlight I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. It is important to mention that I was wearing sunglasses - just regular, without any polarization [Without the sunglasses this does not occur].

I was able to see a two small round objects in my area of ​​sight [One for each eye - Only one was present, while one eye was closed]. After focusing on the object it looked more less like image A.

Few things I have noticed:

  • All the dots and noise seen are in my opinion the eye floaters, because by focusing the eye a little off the center of this object I notices the content inside the circle moves as well.
  • The circle edge was ragged similarly to iris-pupil connection.
  • The image area seen [Circle size] was proportional to actual pupil size [noticed after changing the average amount of light]
  • I was able to see eye lashes like under microscope while the eye was nearly closed [Image B]

Visualization of the image:

enter image description here

Here is the setup:

Two things to mention:

1) The angle between the sun rays and the sunglasses surface [alpha] was very small

2) The bigger the distance from eye to sunglasses surface [d] the smaller the image was enter image description here

Can someone explain how was it possible and what phenomenon was observed here?


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