Did Penzias and Wilson really made a picture (graphical picture of a sky map using a computer) of the CMB, as stated on the web, or is it completely wrong ?

Indeed, If I consider what they say here :

https://www.eclatsdelumiere.fr/tag/cmb enter image description here

"Le CMB observé par Penzias et Wilson en 1964. Crédit : NASA." (translation : CMB observed by Penzias and Wilson in 1964. source : NASA)

I have strong doubt that this plot was really obtained by them in 1965 (computing at that time would not allow to have such a beautiful picture).

Did they have a plot, or is this plot from modern observations ?


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No, Penzias and Wilson did not make an all sky map of the CMB.

It's difficult to say what the map is. It could be a map made by WMAP or Planck? I'd bet WMAP, since Planck was an ESA mission.


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