I'm playing with mechanical analogues for current/voltage (force/velocity) and passive elements $RLC$ (damper, spring, mass). In order to define and analogue for Poynting vector... what should be the analogue for electric field $E$ and magnetic field $H$ in mechanics?

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    $\begingroup$ Well, there's GEM. $\endgroup$ – Qmechanic Feb 5 '20 at 17:54
  • $\begingroup$ thank you, I found more information in physics.stackexchange.com/q/128650 $\endgroup$ – paketecuento Feb 6 '20 at 18:15
  • $\begingroup$ Here + you can find a comparison between mechanics and electricity, and here you can find a comparison between mechanical and electrical EDOs (could be useful also a comparison between electrical and magnetical circuits)...(sorry need more space) $\endgroup$ – Dabed Feb 7 '20 at 12:55
  • $\begingroup$ ...I don't know if you can make a perfect analogy but as I read the Poynting's theorem uses the Poynting vector to declare the conservation of the electromagnetic energy so I suppose the closest equivalent would just be the classical conservation of energy. $\endgroup$ – Dabed Feb 7 '20 at 12:56

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