If a light incident on a smooth surface ,then light reflects. Why does the reflected light goes in a direction such that angle of incidence and angle of reflection to be equal and reflected ray be in the plane of incidence? In short , why does the law of reflection hold true?

(I mean the plane of incidence here as the plane containing the incident ray and perpendicular to the surface of incidence)

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    $\begingroup$ Have a look here. $\endgroup$ – hiccups Dec 5 '19 at 10:15
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks. But why there should be a single plane containing the reflected ray? Why doesn't reflected ray go not in the plane of incidence such that angle of reflection and angle of incidence equal? $\endgroup$ – MIDHUN MURALI TVM Dec 5 '19 at 10:27
  • $\begingroup$ @MIDHUNMURALITVM The fact that it is contained in the same plane is because of conservation of momentum. $\endgroup$ – Swike Dec 5 '19 at 11:58