I'm having a hard time grasping this problem. I have previously found and sketched a time-harmonic E and H field in a source-free area of a lossless medium, coming from a WLAN hub. I have an antenna, shaped as a single-wire square-loop parallel to the x and z axis (nonmagnetic, and current only flows uniformly in the skin of depth 'sigma' and sidelengths 's').

The E field oscillates in the x direction, and the H field oscillates in the y direction (and the propagation is then in the z direction). I found the self-inductance of the loop without being illuminated by the fields.

Now, the question is: "Find the flux linkage of the incident field(E,H) with the loop antenna".

As the fluxlinkage is given by Magnetic Flux times Winding (Omega * N), my guess is to find the flux of the B field, found by B=mu * H, through the square surface enclosed by the loop, and then multiplying by 1, as there is only 1 loop. But we're having doubts, as it seems too simple.. So is my guess correct, is it the right way to look at it?


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