How is the generation and consumption of electricity affected under the influence of time dilation? (For instance, a colony ship under the influence of a black hole)

To get some hard numbers into this, let's assume we had a power source capable of generating $100W$ and load which consumed $1000W$.

If we placed the power source at a spot subject to 1× time dilation (relatively, naturally) and the load at a spot subject to 10× time dilation, would we be able to power this load?

It would take e.g. 10h to generate $1000Wh$ which is consumed in 1h by the load (at the same time, heh).

Assuming this scenario would be practical, how would the properties of the electricity itself be affected? If it were AC power generated at $60㎐$, would the load receive it as $600㎐$?

If it's DC power, how would it's properties change? More $V$? More $A$?


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