Alice and Bob analogy near Blackhole is a well known hypothetical theory that says suppose Alice and Bob are in a spacecraft near the Supermassive Blackhole located at the center of the Milkyway galaxy. Then Alice jumps into the Blackhole and Bob observes Alice falling into the Blackhole. Now, Alice, when crosses the event horizon becomes spaghettized and stretched out and that's the end of the story for Alice. Now from the perspective of Bob, Alice slowly decelerates and slows down as she is lowered by the gravitational pull of the Blackhole and comes to a standstill near the Blackhole.

Then there is the theory of Theoretical Physicist Leonard Susskind's hologram principle. Everything that is inside of Blackhole is a hologram inside of it.

Also, there is Whitehole hypothetical theory which cannot be entered from outside.

Is there any practical way we can verify these theories?


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