The stress- energy tensor for a minimally-coupled real massive scalar field is:

$$T_{\mu \nu}=\partial_{\mu} \phi \partial_{\nu} \phi-\frac{1}{2} g_{\mu \nu} \partial_{\alpha} \phi \partial^{\alpha} \phi-\frac{1}{2} g_{\mu \nu} m^{2} \phi^{2}$$

I want to show this satisfies the dominant energy condition. I've already shown it satisfies the weak energy condition ($T_{\mu \nu} = U^{\mu}U^{\nu}$). Now, I want to show that energy flux is timelike. I know this can be expressed as ($J_{\nu} J^{\nu} \leq 0$, where $J^{\nu} = -U_{\mu}T^{\mu \nu}$), and I am working in Minkowski space. I am unsure of how to proceed.

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