Suppose inflation were to occur for some brief period of time within the Schwarzschild radius such that the Schwarzschild radius reduces in size.

Wouldn't this mean we can get information from the matter and energy that was previously behind the event horizon?

Did such a thing not occur shortly after the big bang when inflation occurred (at least for all matter that is not now inside primordial black holes)?

  • $\begingroup$ "Did such a thing not occur during the big bang, for all matter that is not in primordial black holes?" It didn't, Inflation happened after the big bang where matter wasn't condensed in a single point: there wasn't a singularity when cosmological inflation happened. $\endgroup$ – AnOrAn Oct 8 at 12:57
  • $\begingroup$ How can inflation happen 'in' the singularity if it has volume 0? $\endgroup$ – orlp Oct 8 at 13:00
  • $\begingroup$ Would we see anything different on the outside of the black hole? If we don't, then the information doesn't actually get out. If we do, then the region that inflation is happening is not just "in the region of a black hole singularity". $\endgroup$ – Peter Shor Oct 8 at 13:22
  • $\begingroup$ @AnOrAn I meant to say "Schwarzschild radius" not singularity. I've adjusted the question to hopefully clarify. $\endgroup$ – quant Oct 26 at 6:35

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