I'm looking for a good reference book or textbook to study on 6D (2,0) superconformal field theory as a part of string theory.


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I strongly encourage you to read Superconformal Field Theories in Six Dimensions and Six-Dimensional Superconformal Field Theories and Their Torus Compactifications, the first one is an excellent introductory text and the second one discuss some compactification of the six dimensional theories.

It is also always important to have the classical Comments on String Dynamics in Six Dimensions and the "status of the art" review of the topic Top Down Approach to 6D SCFTs in mind, this last reference can guide you perfectly through literature.

Talks on relevant modern developments in $6d$ SCFTs:

  1. Cumrun Vafa - On 6d Supersymmetric Conformal Field Theories

  2. Jonathan Heckman, 6D SCFTs from F-theory

  3. Jonathan Heckman - Top down approaches to 6d SCFTs

  4. Jonathan Heckman: Effective Field Theories From String Compactification


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