Suppose two electrodes maintained at a voltage difference of $V_0$ are separated by a distance of $d=d_1+d_2$. Between the electrodes are two different dielectric medium of $\epsilon_1$ and $\epsilon_2$, each with thickness $d_1$ and $d_2$. We can solve for the electric fields in the dielectric regions to get $E_1=\frac{\epsilon_2 V_0}{\epsilon_1 d_2+\epsilon_2 d_1}$ and $E_2=\frac{\epsilon_1 V_0}{\epsilon_1 d_2+\epsilon_2 d_1}$. Is there an electric force acting on the interface between the two dielectrics? I'm asking as there is a difference in the Maxwell's stress tensor, but then I'm not too sure how to interpret it (like explain it by just considering the charges/bound charges).


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