I have already checked out Book Recommendations on the community wiki, but the recommendations there don't suit what I ask for. I need problems/problems+theory book(s) on high-school-physics-olympiad/introductory-undergrad-fluid-mechanics book, which has better theory and harder problems than Resnick Halliday Krane, University Physics and other books like this. I wanted a book solely on fluid mechanics covering fluid statics, hydrodynamics (Bernoulli's equation, and basics of eulerian equations), viscosity, surface tension, basics of boundary layer theory, stress and strain in solids. Hopefully there is a book which has problems of IPhO level. (easier than Cahn's problems in Physics but harder than RHK, and almost equal to the level of IE Irodov).

So please suggest me a book like this with preferably no prerequisites other than Classical Mechanics at Introductory University level.

Edit: Please note that this question is NOT a possible duplicate of this one because what I want is a book containing Fluid Statics along with Fluid Dynamics. Moreover, I want a problem book preferably (even a problem+theory book is fine, it should have a lot of problems similar to the level of Irodov and IPhO). The books in the this other link does not contain the books relevant to what I have said.

Problems on surface Tension, viscosity, fluid dynamics, fluid statics is what I desire.


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