A background of the lab, I am currently working on: I have different sizes of cylindrical coil of wire, each with different radius. I then pass the coil through a near uniform magnetic field and then measure its voltage. Using the voltage measured, I calculate the electric field that allows me to calculate for the curl of the electric field induced. This the set up:

enter image description here

Essentially my experiment is about the exploring the relationship between a the radius of the coil with the curl of the electric field induced. I took 5 different sizes of coil and got different magnitude of curl. The datas that I have gotten, seems to suggest that, with the increase of the radius of the coil, there's a decrease in the magnitude of the curl. How can I physically visualize/explain the decreasing value of the curl's magnitude with the increasing value of the radius. Also my final reading of the curl, that I got was negative, does this mean that the electric field that is induced, is circulating in the opposite direction of the positive readings that I got initially, with lower radius.


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