If we take a coil in a uniform magnetic field, move it around to induced some emf around the coil. And so in order to calculate the curl of the electric field induced in cylindrical coordinate system, I would have to know the electric field components in the $\hat{\phi}$, $\hat{s}$ & $\hat{z}$ and it turns out that the $\phi$ of the electric field is non zero, given the condition of the B field being uniform and it pointing in the z direction of the loop (ie loop lies in the x,y plane).How is that electric field components in the $\hat{\phi}$ is non-zero with reference to cylindrical coordinate system?

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    $\begingroup$ A diagram showing the direction of the B field, the orientation of the coil, the direction of motion, and the definition of the coordinate system would be very helpful for clarifying your question. $\endgroup$ – The Photon Aug 25 at 13:55

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