There are some standard units we all understand intuitively such as:

Mass (kg) Length (metres) Time (seconds)

From these there are some familiar composite units which are also well understood:

Velocity (m/s) Force (Newtons = kg m/s^2) Energy (Joules = kg m^2/s^2)

Then there are some obscure ones such as:

Moment (kg-metres)

And then truly esoteric units that may arise usually in research:

Ex: (m/s)^(1/2) Or kg m^3/s^5 etc...

My question: ———

Is there a library of all known physical units that have appeared in some research paper or experiment/have some meaning attached to them.

Say someone runs into some obscure unit in their research. Can they go this library to find connections with other unusual areas of physics?

I can see this as being useful for making thought experiments in esoteric parts of physics.

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There are plenty of lists of units, but no one is maintaining an exhaustive list of every unit that has ever appeared in a published paper. Physicists find more interesting ways to spend their time.


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