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Nuclear database shows observed nuclear electronic energy levels of $O^{17}$ having neutron separation energy 4143 keV. enter image description here I want to find neutron $s$ energy levels ($l=0$ energy levels).

For this-

$ \Rightarrow l=0, s=1/2 \rightarrow J=1/2$, and $\pi= (-1)^l$ Hence $J^{\pi}=(1/2)^{+}$ for $l=0$ levels. so as per above level scheme, there is one Level.

But the problem is $J^{\pi}=(1/2)^{+}$ can also come from Higher even $l$ values. In this scenario, Type of transition (E or M) helps.

The above figure says it is $E2$ Transition, from this can we know that $(1/2)^{+}$ belongs to $l=0$ state.

Can someone having expertise in nuclear energy level analysis help me?


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