I am trying to prove the following relation

$$ \langle\Phi|\hat{\bar{\psi}}(x)A\hat\psi(x)|\Phi\rangle=\bar\varphi(x)A\varphi(x)+\langle0|\hat{\bar{\psi}}(x)A\hat\psi(x)|0\rangle\,, $$ where $|\Phi\rangle$ is a state that contains a single electron and it is defined in this way

$$ |\Phi\rangle=\sum_{r=1}^2\int d^3\!q\;f_r(\textbf q)\hat b^\dagger_r(\textbf q)|0\rangle $$ normalized so that $\langle\Phi|\Phi\rangle=1$, and $\varphi(x)$ is the spinor defined $\varphi(x)=\langle0|\hat\psi|\Phi\rangle$.

So far I have tried to write explicitly the LHS in the mode expansion of the Dirac field operators, but I don't think this is the right approach. Any hints or suggestions on how to proceed?

Note that I have include the homework tag so please avoid giving the full answer.


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