I need some help. I fully don't understand how to calculate color rendering index (CRI), if I know these data from spectrometer measurments (and values):

Tw (tint); W (whiteness); hab (hue-angle); huv (hue-angle); pe (excitation purity); suv (saturation); CIE1960 u; CIE1960 v; Hunter L; Hunter a; Hunter b; L*; X; Y; Z; a*; b*; u'; v'; w'; x; y.

Is there any formula for it? Because, how I looked on the internet, I couldn't find any good solution possibilty for it, just only using calculators (where need to give all intensity values for every wavelength). Or maybe this is only one possibility to solve it, I really don't understand. From these data, yes, I could calculate CCT value, but maybe also CRI and other photometry calculations to describe a properties of measured light..?


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