I am trying to calculate sling loads for a n-point lift. I want to utilize vector calculations and make it as general as possible, and also work in 3D-space.

The idea is to use position vectors for each of the lifting points, and the hook load is represented in (0,0,0). The COG can be assumed to be directly under the hook, so practically speaking the moment from all of the lifting points will sum to zero at (0,0,0).

enter image description here

I am at this point confused with my lacking knowledge of vector calculations. But what I am trying to accomplish, is simply this.

What is the load distribution for the load vectors originating from (0,0,0) towards each of the lifting points, when the total load (vertical reaction load) in the origin is a specified weight, say 20 tonnes in the vertical direction. I want the tension force in each of the load vectors.

Your help would be highly appreciated!


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