I would like to find out the actual pressure in a chamber (constant volume) where the pressure within is reduced to 1.5 kPa but with increased temperature to 65˚C. How to calculate this?

Assuming 0.025 m^3, at 20˚C and 1.5 kPa, I have 0.01538535 mol of air.

Assuming 0.025 m^3, at 65˚C and 0.01538535 mol of air, the pressure would be 1.73 kPa.

Does this mean that the actual pressure in the chamber is still 1.5 kPa since it is set lower than the pressure calculated, that is 1.73 kPa?

In another words, the pressure within the chamber is exactly what I read on the gauge?

  • $\begingroup$ Gauge, depending on type, may read gauge or absolute pressure. $\endgroup$ – user207455 May 16 at 4:26

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