I've been asked a question that I'm unable to answer. It's about a coilgun, and even if it could probably be expressed in simpler terms, I'll ask it in its entirety just in case I make mistakes while reducing it to simpler terms.

As far as I know, a coilgun (or "coil gun" or "Gauss rifle") is a device that accelerates a ferromagnetic projectile (which is not a permanent magnet) by activating a sequence of solenoidal electromagnets, in such a way that the active solenoid will attract the rod from the core of the previous (now inactive) solenoid, giving it acceleration.

enter image description here

The question is: if the projectile has a non-zero angular momentum (in the direction of the solenoid axis) at the start, will it be retained after the passage?

I don't know much about how magnetic materials work, specifically how the force of attraction of a ferromagnetic object by a magnetic field is modelled, but I believe the question is not as basic as asking whether the solenoid's field has torque, given that the projectile itself alters the field's boundary conditions.


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