Would a hollow metal ball, with an electrical coil in the middle of it, be repelled by the coil and "levitate"?

enter image description here

It seems like the electromagnetic field from the coil would be transfered to the hollow metal sphere by electromagnetic induction, same principle used in wireless energy transfer. The hollow metal sphere north and south pole align with the north and south pole of the coil, therefore the coil repels the hollow metal sphere, causing it to "levitate".

enter image description here

The induced magnetic field in the hollow metal sphere would be the opposite of the device described in Single Device that Can Measure Gravity, Magnetism & Data for Inertial Navigation System and Also Provide Propulsion to Satellites for Prolonged Missions in Space (see image below), and as the hollow metal sphere attempts to reorient itself 180° its magnetic field shifts, as it is generated by induction.

enter image description here


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