How is it that the total power generated by nuclear reaction in the core of Sun exceeds its total luminosity? Where does the difference go?

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    $\begingroup$ Some goes off as neutrinos. $\endgroup$ – Pieter May 4 at 23:52
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    $\begingroup$ Whether the neutrinos are the answer or not depends on how you calculated the power generation. Stellar physicists (at least sometimes) use tables for energy of reactions that exclude the neutrinos, but if you get your numbers from a general purpose nuclear physics resource, you have to account for the neutrinos yourself. $\endgroup$ – dmckee May 5 at 0:13
  • $\begingroup$ It is perhaps interesting to note that the number of solar neutrinos predicted from theory did not match the number of solar neutrinos detected on the Earth and the resolution of the solar neutrino problem resulted in the award of Nobel prizes to some of the scientist involved. $\endgroup$ – Farcher May 5 at 5:13

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