I am working with a car and trailer model which has a GPS sensor attached and I am looking for ways to calculate it's yaw (orientation).

One way I am working on is two resolve both the car and trailer into coordinates and use them to find the angles.

I have the length of the car and its x and y cordinates. So the car's length serve as my hypotenuse and the latitude and longitude coordinates serves as my base and perpendicular given by the GPS for all time. My question now is that are there any formulas that I can use to obtain yaw for my car and/or trailer. I can compute all the angles within the triangle using cosine and sine law.

  • $\begingroup$ Don't see how you can get yaw information from just one GPS sensor. The sort of method that you're describing could in principle work if you had two GPS sensors, one in the car and one in the trailer, so that you could compare their GPS height differences. But in practice I don't think that standard GPS can accurately measure such small differences in height. I think that you would have to have a separate accelerometer sensor to give you yaw information. That's, for example, what the iPhone has in it in order to detect yaw and tilt. $\endgroup$ – Samuel Weir Apr 16 at 16:30

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