I recently stumbled on a new interpretation of Quantum mechanics, called Scan Quantum Mechanics, given by Beatriz Gato-Rivera. She suggests a quantity called quantum inertia, which divides the classical and quantum regimes of a system. It also helps in reinterpreting superposition from a different perspective.

This paper on arXiv gives a detailed account of the scan quantum mechanics and also suggests some experiments to test some of it's results!

Although a google search doesn't seem like this theory has got much attention in the scientific community, I am just curious about any probable follow-ups either experimentally or theoretically on these lines.

  • $\begingroup$ This theory is not an interpretation of quantum mechanics at all. Rather, it is an alternative theory with different implications, like the spontaneous collapse theory arxiv.org/abs/1401.6314 $\endgroup$ – alanf Apr 9 at 11:51

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