I looking for a book (or two) covering a range of topics:

  • numerical implementation of boundary conditions (PEC, PMC, ABS);

  • perfect matching layer;

  • LU factorisation;
  • numerical solvers and when to use them (solvers like BicGstab, Pardiso, MUMPS);
  • things like, convergence, accuracy, precision;

Problems which I will have to solve in the near future:

  • finding resonances and Purcell factors of nanoantenna(s) quantum dot systems in a layered medium;
  • modes in and S matrix of micro waveguides. Numerical propagation of Gaussian beam in that waveguide;
  • energy transport from dipole along a plasmonic wire;

Probably I will solve all of these problems in the frequency domain. Tools I have: COMSOL, Matlab, Mathematica and Python.

A little about me:

I am stuck with one of my projects which requires numerical calculation (Which I am doing in COMSOL and Matlab). I haven't done any progress in more than a year. I have almost no background in numerical calculations.

I would like to do a good job and be able to quantify how much I can trust my results.


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