I am operating an RCA GaAs diode laser operating near $904$ nm designed to be in pulse mode. The driver circuit for the pulsed diode laser is below:

enter image description here

With the repetition rate of the trigger set at around $1 kHz$. The length of wire on the bottom loop of the diagram can be changed by the length of the wire I used, which ranged from roughly $11$ to $56$ cm. I was given an oscilloscope which I used to measure the peak voltage of the laser diode given each wire length, as well as its peak current. I am tasked with considering how the peak current flowing in the laser circuit and the peak laser power vary with the inductance of the loop. Given the fact that I essentially have tables of peak output voltages, wire lengths, peak currents, and drive voltages, how should I work out inductance changes from this? What behavior should I be looking at changing? I know the inductance will change with wire length, but I don't what equation to use to show how the inductance changes.

What I've been looking to do is perhaps find a linear relationship between wire length and peak power and current respectively, with the inductance as its gradient, but I can't find such an equation anywhere. How should I tackle this? Can provide graphs if requested, but this is really a conceptual question.


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