Firstly, I’m sorry if this is not a question that should be here. I would like to ask if anyone could link or guide me to where I could find resources (articles, books, etc.), about Feynman-wheeler absorber theory, more specifically about the advanced-retarded interactions, namely with photos (which still confuses me a lot) Feynman’s new approach to the self-interaction idea and if possible, some more resources regarding the existence of fields and hypothesis on how we can eliminate them entirely.

I understand that the internet is vast and has everything I’m looking for but I find it very hard to find specific and reputable resources when I’m not entirely sure what I should be searching for. Would appreciate some help.

Thank you

Edit: Quick background: I’m not a physicist, only an enthusiast and I’ve never understood fields, in the sense that I’ve always had the idea that it’s simply a construct to explain, using an abstraction level, why some interactions happen when there are no apparent direct interactions. I’m trying to search if anyone has been thinking this way or if I am simply misguided in thinking that all interactions must be direct, in one way or another.


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