from fresnel equations we have

$$r_{parallel}=\frac{n_1\cos\theta_i-n_2\cos\theta_r}{n_1\cos\theta_i+n_2\cos\theta_r}$$ $$r_{perpendicular}=\frac{n_2\cos\theta_i-n_1\cos\theta_r}{n_1\cos\theta_i+n_2\cos\theta_r}$$

reflection coefficient


am I right? I don't know, cannot find any information anywhere, just guessing. Alright, therefore


but apparently the correct answer is


I am not sure if that is correct answer either; it is written a lot all over the internet so I guess it is.

These two formulae are not the same, why the result I am getting is different? Need an explanation


The power reflection factor is the average of

$R = \frac{1}{2}(r_{parallel}^2+ r_{perpendicular}^2)$


$\theta_i = \theta_r = 0$

Here it is also assumed that the we have an equal amount of power in the s and p polarizations, as with "natural light".


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