We have a 2 objects, out of which one rotates with an angular acceleration of A1 (Moment of Inertia, about center, of its own body = I1, Mass = M1) and the other rotates with an angular acceleration of A2(Moment of Inertia, about center of its own body = I2, Mass = M2). We have thread pulled with force T by a body whose mass is M2, as shown in the below figure. Can we have a relation between T, A1, A2? I'm more interested in the solution method rather than solution itself. So, I would like to see the way in which it can be solved. (Let the distance between both the centers be d, Radius of object 1 be R1, radius of object 2 be R2). Also the center of object 1 is fixed.

Note that the connector rod is fixed to both the centers & connector rod movements are totally based on A1 but not on A2.

enter image description here

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