I’m wondering if I’m approaching hund’s Rules for Arsenic correctly (Ar): (Ar)$(3d)^{10}(4s)^{2}(4p)^{3}$

I started with HR1: Maximize the spin. I have 6 orbitals so I can put one electron in the first three, giving me $s=\frac{3}{2}$ which is symmetric (so I’ll need an antisymmetric space wave function). We have 3 electrons and l=1 in the p-orbital, so L=3*1=3,2,1,0. I know that I need a completely antisymmetric space wavefunction, and the only one that is is L=0. For hunds 3rd rule, my orbital is half-filled, so J=|L-S|=3/2

Therefore the spectroscopic notation is $^{4}S_{\frac{3}{2}}$

Is this the correct way of approaching this?


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