This may be the silly and stupid question but I have read that time appears to move slower near massive objects because the object's gravitational force bends space-time and the phenomenon is called gravitational time dilation means time moves slower as gravity increases but I want to know how and with respect to what time is calculated at a different position of space do time is calculated wrt earth time or any other and also since times moves slower as gravity increases this means what

  • Do our analog clock hand move slower there if so how since it depends on the mechanical property or it means ageing of the body

  • Do it depends on the ageing of the body if so how since body ageing depends on the environment and natural things

I have searched this type of question on the Internet but I did not get a proper answer majority of answer are based on theories and formula but I was looking for an intuitive and rigorous answer

The intuitive and rigorous answer is highly appreciated


What you're saying is correct: time slows down near a massive object (let's say you are near this massive object, and let's say the said object is the earth). The question "in respect to what time" is not stupid, indeed: it's this question that gives Einstein's theory its name. Time slown down with respect to somewhere else, in this case with respect to somewhere with a weaker gravitational field (let's say a person, Fred, is in a spaceship, far away from earth). Most importantly, time slows down in you frame of reference (where you stand) as seen from Fred's perspective, but not yours! This means that if you held a giant clock so that Fred could somehow see it, he'd say that it's running slower. For you, since everything in your frame of reference (the clock, your body, your mind, everything) is slowed down, everything would feel normal. But if Fred comes back to earth after a while, you could see that your clocks (that before Fred's departure were synchronized) are saying different times.

There are many YouTube videos about this: check out PBS SpaceTime and Veritasium for something more "visual".


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