let me briefly introduce myself, I'm a highschool student from Indonesia, I'm currently making a cloud chamber for my science fair project, I did what the videos on youtube told me, but for some reason my cloud chamber won't work. Here are some pictures of my setup

So, I glued felt on top of my aquarium and soaked it with alcohol (95%), put about 4 kg of dry ice under my metal tray (baking tray) and I let the alcohol and dry ice do their job for about 15 minutes, it only showed some particles raining but I didn't see any tracks of muons. I used one bright flashlight ( about 8000 Lumens ) and the room was dark enough that I couldn't see my hand. I also covered the aquarium glass with black cloth to maximize the darkness. Can anyone help check what did i do wrong? ( and what kind of camera setup should I use to record the muons tracks? ) my cloud chamber setup


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