I am looking to find out more about writing statistical analysis programs in python for astronomy problems and was recommended that I could analyse asteroid light curves for an introduction into the field. In the program I can use MCMC/Least squares/Nested sampling algorithms to model parameters and compare.

Having googled there seems to be many websites available compiling data from various papers and sources but I was wondering if there was a "one stop shop" containing intensity and time info. www.alcdef.org contains a lot of information but I am struggling to extract just time/intensity for a single object easily. An example would be the data from object 330 at http://alcdef.org/ - I cannot make sense of the links to the databases it sends me to but the raw data would be perfect!

Any sources or guidance on how to properly analyse that website would be hugely appreciated.

Alternatively, any other astronomy/physics easy to use data sets with models that I could practice my program on would be very useful!

  • $\begingroup$ Hi Rob, not sure how to update URL but would be object number 330 "Adalberta" if searched for - will google and see how to add in more informative links! Thanks $\endgroup$ – Francis Webb Jan 30 at 15:46
  • $\begingroup$ That seems a helpful edit, and with the promised improvement it should improve your answer's quality. I'm deleting my prior comment to clean up. $\endgroup$ – Rob Jan 30 at 16:23

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