*I have learned recently that the Gubeser-Klebanov-Polyakov string / folded string in AdS3 (if I recall correctly, and I assume with some additional virasoro constraints, etc) is dual to large-spin wilson in planar N=4 Super-Yang Mills.

What is the specified twist of wilson if this is true? Would higher-twist operators correspond to a large mass limit for GKP states?

I assume the statement of AdS/CFT {regarding the energy of a string in AdS equal to the scaling dimension of the dual CFT, in this case N=4 Super-Yang Mills} is satisfied regarding GKP, allowing one to analyze the string spectrum under Maldacena.

Furthermore, as I have seen most attention to the dispersion of GKP, how is this realized in the dual CFT?

I apologize if any of the questions regaring GKP are either pedantic, or worse, obvious -- still I have been unable to find a reading on the subject that I have found to be rigorous for the following.

I appreciate any comment / suggestion for suitable readings on the subject.


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