I can get S11 and S12 by terminating port 2 and 3 with Z0 and Zr respectively. But when I try to calculate S13 it seems less straight forward. The following is the network, taken from Gao, J. The Physics of Superconducting Microwave Resonators. It is also assumed that the coupling capacitance Cc is small.

3-port network

The S-matrix given by the original reference is: enter image description here

But the way I calculated it is

enter image description here

Just to re-type the calculation for easier view:

define $\delta_0=\omega C Z_0$ and $\delta_r=\omega C Z_r$. Assume $C$ is small so that $\delta_r, \delta_0 \ll 1$.

We have $S_11$ by the usual formula of reflection:

$$S_{11}=\frac{Z_{in}-Z_0}{Z_{in}+Z_0}\approx -j\delta_0/2$$

where $$1/Z_{in}=\frac{1}{Z_0}+\frac{1}{Z_r+\frac{1}{j \omega C}}$$

Then I have $S_{31}$ as

$$S_{31}=\frac{V_3^-}{V_1^+}|_{V_2^+=V_3^+=0}\\ =V_3/(V_1^+)\\ =(1+S_{11})\frac{Z_r}{Z_r+\frac{1}{j \omega C}}\\ \approx j\delta_r $$


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