In some of the house hold taps, water sometimes slows down even when the valve is fully open. At other times they run full. This often happens when the pipes are refilled after they run dry, but this is not a necessary condition. Can you tell why? Is it due to faulty plumbing ? . In a related issue, water from a tap sometimes looks milky white when filled in a glass.?


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  • $\begingroup$ The milky white means that there are mineral salts coming from the source. You should also see strong salt deposits when boiling the water. Variations in pressure can happen if the pipe that is coming to your house is very close to pipes going to other users, and the main diameter of the water company pipe is not very large. If two or more people open at the same time for water, they may even get half the pressure, as happens in the same house if two people draw water at the same time. $\endgroup$ – anna v Jan 12 at 8:32

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