enter image description hereOur teacher gave us a question for exercise. I tried but I couldn't solve it. Please help me solve this problem. This section come after infinite square well on the griffits introduction quantum mechanics. step potantial is not included.

The state of a particle of mass m in the harmonic oscillator potential at $t = 0$ is

$$\psi(x,0)=\ (\frac{1}{\sqrt{5}})\psi_1(x)+ (\frac{2}{\sqrt{5}})\psi_2(x).$$

What is the expectation value of energy?


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  • $\begingroup$ Hint: what are the probabilities and eigenenergies of the $\psi_1$ and $\psi_2$ states? $\endgroup$ – J.G. Jan 12 at 18:16