Why do clouds stay on the sky and not downwards, doesn't gravity pull everything to earth? What makes clouds to turn blue or black. How does the sky become blue and not any other colour on daylight?


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    $\begingroup$ Does gravity pull a helium-filled balloon to Earth? $\endgroup$ – Solomon Slow Jan 11 at 21:16
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    $\begingroup$ It's better to ask one question at a time rather than three unrelated questions. For the answer on why the sky is blue, look up Rayleigh scattering. $\endgroup$ – zeta-band Jan 11 at 21:16
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    $\begingroup$ As others say, please, ask only one question at once. Secondly, have you done any research? Those answers can be found on the Internet, but, in addition, they've already been asked in this site. You've got a search form at the top of the page. Try to check if your question is already solved here. Thank you. $\endgroup$ – FGSUZ Jan 11 at 21:26
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    $\begingroup$ Gravity does pull on clouds and air, and water vapor, airplanes and everything else. But there is buoyancy present along with other aero forces that balance these objects out. $\endgroup$ – ggcg Jan 11 at 22:32

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