I have the Young's modulus (stiffness) values of a hydro-gel scaffolds, and I need to know the porosity of those scaffolds.

I read about Nielsen Equation, which is this: $$ E = \frac{E_0 (1 - P) ^ 2}{1 + \frac{P}{f - 1}} $$ where $E$ is Young’s modulus, $E_0$ is Young’s modulus for pore-less sample, $P$ is volume fraction of porosities, and $f$ is shape factor.

I have the following questions:

  1. How to get the values of $f$ and $E_0$?
  2. Any other methods to calculate porosity given material stiffness?
  • $\begingroup$ Although I don't have it on hand to check, you may find Gibson and Ashby's Cellular Solids helpful, as it links scaffold geometries to mechanical properties. $\endgroup$ – Chemomechanics Jan 11 at 22:40

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