The Big Bang did not start with a singularity like a black hole. Entropy only exists when there is something to order. Black holes have an infinitely high entropy. We know that entropy can only increase with time and therefore the beginning by definition had to be effectively zero. So the idea of gravity from a point of infinite mass has no relevance to the Big Bang scenario. Mass was developed afterwards and so the Big Bang came from apparently nothing. It is not possible for something to come from nothing and so we have to accept the existence of rules unbounded by time which provide potential for emergence to occur. Rules are information and so we can also say that information existed and was the reason for the emergent universe.

What we know about the nature of energy supports this. Energy is potential and only converts to useful forms when there is a potential difference for it to ‘flow’. So we look for the first ‘potential difference’ using ‘nothing’ and mathematical rules alone.

‘Nothing’ is described in Set theory as an empty Bracket:

{ }

An empty set describing ‘nothing’ may be represented as a 0. If an empty set can exist then another empty set may also exist as a subset of this empty set.

{ {} }

Since this is possible then, in a mathematical world outside of space time, it is inevitable.

{ {} } in set theory is the integer 1. It can be understood as a set with one empty container in it. This is a potential and prime set. It is a prime number that is not divisible and this has the nature of being conserved and immutable.

In the same way if {{}} will exist then so will a second {{}}. But they will repel each other as as they are identical and cannot coexist. Just as two people cannot sit on the same chair in a way that makes them one person. This is two systems of potential energy that are the same. They are the sum of all the energy in our universe today. There is no potential difference and so they repel each other like the North ends of two magnets. It is difficult to imagine how this might look in our cosmos. Whether these opposing systems of energy might appear as concentrations on one side of space to the other, or whether they do ‘coexist’ in a constant repulsion that permeates space evenly.

This repulsion gave rise to the emergence of spacetime and a huge release of energy. I propose that 1+1 (energy) = 2 (spacetime). This does not suggest that energy is replaced by spacetime as energy remains a subset of spacetime and it is still immutable and conserved.

This is the start of an exponential growth of actual events which follow the line of least resistance. Initially the line of least resistance for ‘more of the same set’ is one line, that is, one dimension in mathspace. So the expansion of space from its initial seeding follows a fibonacci sequence. The fibonacci sequence operates in one dimension of mathspace Just as 1+ 1=2, the next emergent set was a clone of the preceding one ie. more space: 2+1=3. Then 3+2=5, 5+3=8 and so inflation continues. Once a new emergent space system emerges then in the context of space/time it takes time to expand into. In the same way as a gas takes time to become dispersed evenly across a jar, so space is expanding to the limits of its underlying set boundaries. With this theory we would predict that the universe will continue to accelerate its expansion rate. Dark energy is not required as a driving force for this expansion to occur although it may well exist. Space and its expansion is a simple emergent property from the underlying development of clone sets in mathspace.

Cloning of sets is the easiest and most probable sequence of events where the possibility of emergence to create something new and different is very limited. If you only have energy and space to work with then it is most likely the only thing you can make is more space. This ‘weak emergence’ ie. making more of the same, has to develop in one mathspace dimension to avoid conflicting sets which cannot coexist and because it is easier, that is, more probable. Why create two mathspace dimensions if you only need one to do the job? This is why the fibonacci sequence which occurs widely in nature must be limited to one dimension in mathspace, only allowing interaction along the line which means that 5 and only interact with 3 to create 8 and so on. 8 cannot access 2 to make 10 as it is blocked by 5 which in turn is barred from 2 by the 3.


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