Theoretically, could it be possible for one galaxy to have low entropy in the past, but another nearby to have low entropy in the future?

I understand that, cosmologically, there almost certainly are not any galaxies that are not low entropy in the past, because all originate in the big bang. But theoretically, could just a universe exist?

What would it be like to travel between those two galaxies?

  • $\begingroup$ Beside the relativity of time which may no matter as you seem to think of the past of that part and a sort of reversal, I am afraid there is not a simple answer without touching the essence of entropy, flow of time , and eventually their correlation. I suggest you also dig here for related Q for instance by "arrow of time" "entropy and time" etc. A part of universe as you describe might be better described as another universe or a kind of crunch scenario of our. I am not a specialist but I see the complexity of the argument(s). $\endgroup$ – Alchimista Jan 11 at 11:08

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