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What actually happens inside a loop when placed in a changing magnetic field that EMF gets induced across it? And also if it is connected and the direction of the magnetic field is changed then subsequently the direction of flow of current changes. To sum up I would like to ask the scientific reason behind the Faraday's law.


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When a magnetic field is changed the ELECTRO MOTIVE FORCE is generated in it , because. ,, when magnetic field is changed, the equilibrium of electrons are changed,, causing to experience both magnetic and electric forces and the change in the electromagnetic field, causes excitation in electrons, which makes the charge to flow across the conductor at a time, even POTENTIAL difference being generated in it, hence it causes EMF...



That is the correct answer. Feynman explains why he cannot explain why magnets attract and repel. This is a related question.

You can either start with Maxwell's equations and mathematically prove that the emf is generated in the coil. Or you can experimentally demonstrate that it does.

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