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Im currently a junior in my undergraduate degree (math & physics). I am looking to go to graduate school for mathematical physics. I was talking to a professor about how I would go about doing research in mathematical physics since it is so inaccessible to undergraduates. He recommended not worrying about finding REUs but instead to do some projects that professors in the math/physics department are willing to help guid me in.

The only problem is: whats the difference between a project and a research question? How would I go about finding a project that I could actually pursue? Do any of you have experience doing a Sr. Research topic in mathematical physics? How did you go about it.

Im primarily interested in analytical problems, and as far as math goes i'm really open. I like Complex analysis, Functional Analysis, PDE's, Deterministic Models, etc (i'm not super experienced in all these fields but I figured if I start early that wont be a problem, I can fill in the gaps as I go so to speak).

[The professor mentioned some problem related to perturbation theory but I cant for the life of me remember what it was specifically.]


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