I have a 7.4v LiIon that hold 1450ma. I have a variable DC bench power supply that I can crank up or down and adjust as needed. I want to quickly charge the battery and noticed if I adjust the power supply to 7.4V +- I can only get 150 ma or so current out of the power supply. If push the Volts to7.8 I can get 300 am and the current keeps going up the more I increase the voltage. How far can I push the battery to charge it quickly? Could I use 9vdc to charge a 7.4vdc battery. Note: there is no circuitry unless inside the battery itself. I just attached probes from the supply to the battery. Wish there was an easy way to make a cradle for the different pins on batteries- but that a different topic altogether.

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Sounds like an engineering SE question? The spec sheet for that battery might have charging information.

Rule of thumb: SAFELY trickle-charge at 1/10th of the amp-hours rating, so for example a 300mA-H battery is charged at 30mA for ten hours or more. For RAPID charging, an algorithm or time-profile is used, and those designed for one manufacturer's products may destroy any slightly different batteries.

Yes, the supply-voltage during recharge is always higher than the battery quiescent voltage.


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