Does any one know what would be $tr(t^a t^b t^c t^d)$, where $t^a$ etc are Gell-Mann matrices? This came about when analyzing the color factor for the compton effect for QCD. So, must be pretty common, but I could not find a proper reference. In general is there any reference for trace of arbitrary number of Gell Mann matrices?


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I take the SU(N) generators in the fundamental representation normalized such that $$ \text{Tr}\left[T^a T^b\right] = \frac{1}{2}\delta^{ab} $$

The commutator of two generators define the structure constants $f^{abc}$

$$ \left[T^a,T^b\right] = if^{abc}T^c $$

The anticommutator of two generators is

$$ \left\{T^a,T^b\right\} = \frac{1}{N}\delta^{ab}1 +d^{abc}T^c $$

where by $1$ I mean the identity matrix and $d^{abc}$ are the "d-symbol" defined as

$$ d^{abc} = 2\text{Tr}\left[ \left\{T^a,T^b\right\}T^c \right] $$

Then, there is a useful identity

$$ \text{Tr}\left[T^aT^bT^cT^d\right] = \frac{1}{4N}\delta^{ab}\delta^{cd} + \frac{1}{8}\left(d^{abe}d^{cde} - f^{abe}f^{cde}+if^{abe}d^{cde}+if^{cde}d^{abe}\right) $$

I suggest you this reference http://scipp.ucsc.edu/~haber/ph218/sunid17.pdf where different trace identitites are collected. For your case, look at Equation 75 in Appendix B, page 9.

Check the normalization of the generators before to use this identity.

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