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I just have a question about this passage; specifically, I do not understand why the result of the inner product (the integral of u_k* and u_k') being the delta function defies conventional normalization. I was under the impression that this is the expected result, due to the orthogonality of eigenfunctions. If you could explain a little bit about normalization of the momentum wave function, I would really appreciate it. I have also attached a link of the full text below:


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  • $\begingroup$ I think you might be confusing the Kronecker delta with the Dirac delta. $\endgroup$ – probably_someone Jun 14 '18 at 20:01

For a set of orthogonal wavefunctions, the usual normalization condition is the Kronecker delta:

$$\int u_k u_{k'}^* = \delta_{kk'}$$

which is $1$ when $k=k'$ and zero otherwise.

Here we have the Dirac delta, which is infinite when $k=k'$ and zero otherwise. Conceptually this is because the momentum eigenfunctions (plane waves) do not fall off at infinity, so they have infinite area.


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