The black-body radiation formula, the Stefan–Boltzmann law, is derived treating photons as massless.


  1. What would the Stefan–Boltzmann law look like if derived assuming that photons have mass?

  2. What other common relations are based on the assumption of massless photons?

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    $\begingroup$ To understand how this would change you need to start by changing this argument. The first change to the latter is replacing $\frac{hc}{2L}\sqrt{\sum_i n_i^2}$ with $\sqrt{(\frac{hc}{2L})^2\sum_i n_i^2+m_0^2 c^4}$, where $m_0$ is the photon's rest mass. $\endgroup$ – J.G. May 8 '18 at 10:49

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