Varying magnetic field creates varying electric field. Does constant magnetic field creates a constant electric field? If yes, an simple wire(like on picture, for example) with DC power will attractes\repel(depends on +-) ferromagnetics?

How do I imagine it:

enter image description here


This is one of Maxwell's equations:

$$-\frac{\partial{\vec{B}}}{\partial{t}} = \vec{\nabla}\times\vec{E}$$

It says that a time-varying magnetic field will always accompany a spatially-varying non-conservative electric field. (Not quite the same as saying it creates an electric field--I'm borrowing the language used here-- but perhaps this is a minor linguistic point.)

If $\vec{B}$ is not time-varying, we won't see the non-conservative electric field $\vec{E}$ referenced here, but there is a conservative electric field outside the wire when a current is flowing. See this question for further discussion.


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