I am wondering if anybody could recommend any good textbooks on the subject. So far, I have discovered (but not yet had a chance to read), a chapter in Landau-Lifshitz fluid mechanics (love Landau-Lifshitz!), as well as Introduction to Superfluidity: Field-theoretical Approach and Applications, by Andreas Schmitt.

We will primarily be looking at vorticity and flow, the fountain effect, as well as irrotational surface waves.

Thank you in advance.


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The best match I could advise is

Superconductivity, Superfluids and Condensates (Oxford Master Series in Physics)

by James F Annett.

The level is for final year of a Physics bachelor's degree.

It covers Bose-Einstein condensation and superfluidity, along with superconductivity as well.

I would recommend it as a starting point.

Landau and Lifshitz, while extraordinary, are not ideal as a beginner's material. You should go back to them once you understand the basics, to see the whole thing in a more elegant, rigourous and probably detailed way.

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